Bee Removal and Wasp Control in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Nothing can ruin planned outdoor projects or activities quite like discovering that you have a wasp or bee infestation on your hands. These pesky invaders can make your life miserable, preventing you from truly enjoying your property.

The first step to effective wasp control and bee removal is determining what kind of infestation you have.

Types of Wasp Control

Like bees, wasps can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Wasps can vary greatly in coloring, with some being black or shades of metallic green or blue.

Here are just a few of the varieties that we regularly treat:

  • Bald Face Hornet

  • Paper Wasp

  • Golden Wasp

  • Mud Dauber Wasp

  • Yellow Jackets

Effective Bee Removal

Bees and wasps are usually attracted to yards with abundant floral and plant life. Wasps can also be attracted to improperly covered or irregularly emptied garbage, as this allows wasps to easily forage for food. Some varieties of bees and wasps are more aggressive than others, causing them to attack humans more easily.

Bee and wasps like to make their nests in high up places. Favorite spots for these pests include:

  • Walls

  • Gutters

  • Trees

  • Attics

Their nests will usually appear in honeycombed shapes or as mud tubes.

Contact Resolve Pest Control

Performing your own wasp control or bee removal is ill-advised. Bees and wasps are very protective of their nests and will attack anyone who disturbs their home, which can be a life-threatening attack.

If you are in need of effective wasp control or bee removal in Baton Rouge, LA, contact Resolve Pest Control today. Our professionals can quickly and thoroughly eliminate bees and wasps so you can continue to enjoy your home and property.


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