Flea Removal & Control in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The beautiful weather and scenery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana attracts tourists all year round. Unfortunately, the warm and humid weather also attracts pests all year round. In Baton Rouge, fleas are an especially abundant pest. While many places in the Northern and Western United States only have fleas seasonally because of colder temperatures and drier climates, the Southern United States can have fleas all year long. This is why it’s essential to manage flea removal in Baton Rouge!

Benefits of Flea Control

Flea removal comes with many benefits. Safety is the number one concern with fleas, as they can spread diseases like typhus and suck blood from their hosts, usually your beloved pet. In addition, fleas can cause your skin to become very dry and get sores, which can lead to infections. People most often get fleas from their pets or from other animals, so if you have proper flea control, you can have a better relationship with your pet. Your pets will also thank you for flea removal so they can stop itching.

How Resolve Pest Control Manages Flea Removal

Flea removal can be difficult. Fleas can be much more tricky to control than other pests because flea larvae can be hard to find. Once females lay eggs that turn into grub-like larvae, they can live up to six months in couches, in carpets, and on pets, especially in the humid Louisiana heat! (Yes, we just shuddered too.) Resolve Pest Control does an excellent job of flea control because we identify the species of flea, then implement both interior and exterior services to make sure that your home is pest-free.

How to Get Started with Flea Control

To get started on your own flea control, contact the expert exterminators at Resolve Pest Control. You’ll get competitive pricing, especially with a free quote and a discount offer for new customers! If you’re ready to get rid of fleas in your home and on your pets, contact Resolve Pest Control today!


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