Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Baton Rouge is famous for its gorgeous river views, the delicious Cajun food, and—unfortunately—its many pests. Many people in Baton Rouge struggle with hordes of termites, rats, and, most of all, mosquitos. That’s why Resolve Pest Control is here. We specialize in mosquito control, so necessary in Baton Rouge’s humid, swampy delta land.

Benefits of Mosquito Control

Mosquito control brings many benefits. Most people will simply be relieved to get rid of the buzzing bugs in their homes, but there are actually much more serious advantages to getting rid of the pests. Mosquitos can carry deadly diseases, such as Zika virus, malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, and more.

Additionally, mosquitos come in a variety of species that can feed on many hosts—including your pets. Mosquitos can spread heart worm to dogs and cats and cause encephalitis in horses. Mosquitos can even harm birds. To keep your family and pets safe, it’s essential to have mosquito control, especially in humid Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Louisiana’s mosquitos are a common problem, and if real estate appraisers see that your house is overrun with pests, your property value could be harmed. Once you clear the mosquitos away, you can also enjoy other benefits of pest control—you can enjoy being outside without the annoying swarms. Disease is less of a worry for your family and pets, and your beautiful yard and home retain their value.

How Resolve Pest Control Manages Mosquito Control

We keep you protected with a variety of pest control services. Mosquito control is most effective with exterior pest control services, such as yards, ponds streams, and windows. However, interior mosquito control can be useful too, particularly in garages and doorways. We only use federally approved, safe chemicals to create a barrier that keeps mosquitos away.

No matter what kinds of mosquito control services you need for your home, you can make sure it’s affordable by taking advantage of our $100 savings offer! To get these savings and a free estimate, contact Resolve Pest Control today!


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