Rodent Control & Mice Extermination in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Mice and other rodents can leave quite the mess if they get inside your home. You may find food packaging that has been torn or droppings left on the floor. Make sure you always clean these messes with a mask and gloves to prevent contracting or spreading diseases that rodents may be carrying. It is also important to take action right away for rodent control because rats and mice are known to quickly grow in numbers.

Rodent Control

At the first signs of rodents, you should always contact a professional pest control company. Our expert technicians at Resolve Pest Control are familiar with the different types of mice and rats that are common in Louisiana and the best strategies for rodent removal and mice extermination. We can treat your home before a problem occurs to prevent possible infestations in the future, and we know which chemicals and products will be safe to use around your family and pets.

Types of Rodent Removal & Mice Extermination

Common types of rodent removal found in Baton Rouge include the House Mouse, Norway Rat, and Roof Rat.

House Mouse

House mice are brown, grey, or black with light colored bellies and short fur. They look for cluttered areas like basements and attics where they can build nests and reproduce. House mice find their food sources in unsealed containers or left on counters. They can enter a home or business through a hole or crack as small as a dime.

Norway Rat

Norway rats can be up to 40 cm long, with brown or gray shaggy fur. These rodents excel at digging and burrowing, so they are attracted to yards with long grass and overgrown weeds or shrubs. They can fit through small holes and gaps and usually get into a building through vents, plumbing lines, and gaps under doors. They can also enlarge gaps by gnawing and digging to make room to crawl through. They can contaminate food and damage wires and other property by chewing on them.

Roof Rat

Roof rats are sleeker than Norway Rats. They have smooth brown or black fur and their tails are longer than their bodies. These rodents like high places and may climb up trees or across power lines to reach the roof. They are adept at entering homes and hard to keep out, as they can squeeze through gaps in vents, shingles, and other cracks. They transfer diseases through bites, droppings, urine, fleas, and physical contact.

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