Exterior and Interior Pest Control Services

Resolve Pest Control goes above and beyond to create an integrated pest management system to keep unwanted insects and rodents out of your home. Our professional team uses federally-approved, safe chemicals when working inside and outside of your home. Whether you need interior pest control, exterior pest control, or both, we offer complete, high-quality services to ensure your home is protected. We stand out among other pest control companies because we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible. If you experience pest problems after our service, we will re-treat your home at no additional cost.

We’re sensitive to your individual needs and will create a customized approach to make sure your family stays safe and comfortable. Learn more about our range of pest solutions below or contact us to get started on creating a personalized pest control strategy today.


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In order to prevent disruptive pests from affecting your daily activities, we apply safe and effective treatments around high traffic areas.  We want to keep the bugs outside and family members inside.

Our interior pest control treatments cover the most vulnerable areas of your home to prevent insects from entering. These areas include baseboards, doorways and windows, garages, and interior wall cavities. We cover all the bases so you don’t have to worry about pests coming from places you can’t see or reach.

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Interior Walls

Since corners and baseboards are common places where bugs like to make your house their home, we inspect and treat these areas.

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Doorways and Windows

We take extra time treating around doorways and windows since they are some of the largest entry points into your home.



Usually a pests' first transition area from outside to inside is the garage.

We treat around the baseboards, corners, and a two-foot section where the garage door rests.


Interior Cavities

A common point of entry into a house are the interior cavities of walls where pipes and wires are present.

We treat and create a barrier within theses cavities and cut off one of the most common entry points for pests.


The best defense is a good offense. Our exterior pest control treatments act as a thorough preventive measure against pests, as well as a safeguard for your family’s outdoor activities.

To keep bugs from even getting close to any entry points of your home, we create a preventive barrier around the house and treat the foundation, eaves, doors, and windows. We take care of any problems in your yard and put an extra layer of protection around your home to ensure your family’s peace of mind.


Granulate Perimeter

One of the most effective preventive treatments to your property is a granular barrier in the yard.

We use the highest grade granular with three active ingredients to ensure that this protective barrier is keeping bugs at bay from your home.


Remove Wasps and Mud Dauber Nests

Spraying alone won’t prevent new pests from reestablishing a home in an existing nest.

Every service we will remove nests built by wasps and mud daubers.

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Treat Base and Lower Section of House

We treat a 3 foot section on the side and a 5 foot section at the base of the home. This creates a bug-free area adjacent to the home and coupled with the granular perimeter, an extremely effective barrier.


Sweep Eaves

To prevent spiders and wasps from creating new webs or nests on your house, we inspect and sweep the eaves on every service.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our quality service.  If for any reason you are not, please call and we will be happy retreat any areas where bug problems persist.

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