Spider Control Methods In Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Almost all household spiders are completely harmless, more a creepy nuisance than anything, but in Baton Rouge, Louisiana there are three spiders that have a toxic venom that can be very harmful. The Brown Recluse, the Black Widow, and the Brown Widow can be found in Louisiana, so spider control is very important.

The How and Why of Household Spiders

Spiders can enter your property through the tiniest of openings, or they can be brought into the structure on clothing or firewood or items that were stored outside or in a dark enclosed area that are then brought into the house. At Christmas when you bring that tree in from the “chop-your-own” place and then break out the boxes from the attic or the storage unit, you may be a spider transport system. After the holidays may be a good time to make an appointment with your spider exterminators.

Just like all creatures, spiders want to have a safe and comfortable living area. Sure, there are more insects outside for them to eat, but there are also a lot more predators looking to make them a meal. Spiders will come into your home for easy access to food, warmth, and shelter.

Reduce Spider-Friendly Conditions

There are a few things you can easily do to keep the spider population under control in your home or business. Sweep down walls and ceilings as part of your cleaning routine to keep spider webs to a minimum, particularly in the corners. A great way to do this is by tying a rag around the end of a small broom, or better yet use the spider attachment on your vacuum cleaner to do this. Do not forget dark covered places like closets.

Keep clutter to a minimum, both inside and outside your home. Boxes of old clothes waiting to be donated make lovely places for spiders to nest. Woodpiles are also quite popular with spiders, so if you must have them, keep them a suitable distance away from the building.

You can also minimize spider infestation by keeping the foundation area of your home or business clear of foliage and other clutter.

Spider control is relatively simple, and professional inspection and treatment by the spider exterminators at Resolve Pest Control can keep your home or business clean of spiders. If you have any signs of a Brown Recluse, Black Widow, or Brown Widow, take action immediately by contacting us for a free quote on spider control. At Resolve Pest Control we currently have a discount of $100 on pest control services.


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