Tick Removal & Control In Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Ticks are tiny, but although their bite is painless, it can be fierce as it is loaded with bacteria that causes horrible diseases like Rocky Mountain Fever and Lyme Disease, a condition that can affect you for the rest of your life. Young ticks are about the size of a chia seed, so obviously they can be very hard to find if one does attach to you. Our pest control experts can help you with tick control and removal from your home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Personal Tick Control

There are some things that you can do to keep ticks from clinging to you and then getting into your home. If you are in grassy or wooded areas like your yard or a park, you should:

  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt

  • Tucks pants into your socks if in a heavily wooded or very grassy area

  • Wear a hat

  • Apply bug spray

  • Use tick control products for pets

Professional Tick Control

We work with entomologists to hone our knowledge of the many species of ticks and how to handle them. We will use landscaping techniques for optimum tick control, identifying and minimizing floral areas of your property that may be a haven for ticks. We can also apply perimeter barriers that will help keep ticks away from your yard and home.

Tick Removal

Despite all your prevention efforts, on occasion a tick may get into your home on a 2-legged or a furry 4-legged family member. According to Tickipedia, one adult female tick can lay as many as 3,000 eggs, so with one tiny tick, you can have a home infestation that will require professional pest control.

We will work with you and your loved ones to develop a tick removal strategy that will keep everyone comfortable and happy. We can also set up a quarterly follow-up program.

Mice and rats can also bring ticks into your home, so contact us for control of these and other rodents.

Tick-borne diseases are serious, so you must take action. Let us provide some peace of mind. Contact us today for a free quote on our tick control and tick removal services, as well as our many other pest control services. Act now and take advantage of our current $100 discount.


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